Cvitković metal art

Cvitković Metal Art is a company idea in progress. At the moment we are an excellent team of two, husband and wife, fighting for our ideals and a better tomorrow.

We inspire each other and create the lovely metal orchids that can be found it the art work section on our web site.

The major artist is Goran Cvitković he is a very creative guy full of ideas, from the moment he started building our home it was clear that our nest won’t be an ordinary home.  We both like industrial chic stile so all our bought furniture and chandeliers slowly became replaced with hand made items which gave our home that special unique touch.

After working all these years with steel and wood, Goran started to push his boundaries experimenting and creating more complex items.

When I asked him how he came up with the idea of making orchids he said: ”Well, I just wanted to see if I could make them.”

Though I am sure that I contributed with the negligence of the plants in our home … I know this isn’t something to be proud of but things happen…

When he made his first metal flowers he came to me and said with a laugh:” I have a present for you my dear, this one will not wither!” He was right she is still as beautiful as she was 2 years ago.

As I’m writing now about us, Goran is in his workshop doing what he does best he is pouring his passion into a new everlasting flower. We use to joke that it is probably his call to make these forged flowers as his surname is Cvitkovic meaning: Cvit – the Dalmatian (region in Croatia) name for flower, and ković reminding me of kovač – Croatian for forger – so in translation his surname would be flower forger  –  Isn’t that a coincidence or what? :-).

Some of our work is exhibited in galleries and hotels, we are happy to be part of the art association Emanuel Vidović from Split and Start art from Zagreb, with whom we have a great cooperation.

As the artist’s better half and his support, I shall tell you something about me.  My name is Kanija Huljić Cvitković I am a wife and a mother of two.  I love art in every form so in our home I made some wall tattoos and decoupages it is my true passion to do craft works, so I hope to get more time in the future for the things I really love.

And as you see, here I am doing the copyrighting and publishing; let’s say I’m kind of my husbands proud manager :-).

Well, enough about us… as the administrator of this web page I would like to welcome you to our page. I truly hope you’ll like the content, mind the design of the page it will get better with the time.

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